The Cambridge University Mathematical Society


2023–24 Committee Elected at Annual General Meeting

At our AGM on the 27th February 2023, a new committee has been elected, which will take over responsibilities starting for the next academic year. We congratulate Will Templeton for being elected as President, after being External Secretary in the 2022-2023 committee.

We also congratulate the new committee members on their election, and wish them all the best for the coming year. Thank you to everyone who showed interest!

About us

The Archimedeans is the Cambridge University Mathematical Society, founded in 1935. Our purpose is to promote enjoyment and understanding of mathematics for all students, and provide opportunities for cooperation and social activities.

Our logo is a projection onto Euclidean 2-space of a sphere inscribed in a right circular cylinder of the same height as the sphere's diameter. In Archimedes' On the Sphere and the Cylinder, Archimedes showed that the surface area of the sphere is equal to the curved surface area of the corresponding cylinder.

Speaker Events

Every week, we organise talks here in the CMS, where distinguished academics from abroad and in the UK come to talk for us on new or interesting topics in their area of expertise. These are a great way to be entertained or inspired, with titles like "How to Find (and Keep) a Wife" and "Mathematics and the Simpsons". The talks are aimed at a general (slightly mathsy) audience, so are suitable for all.

Our speakers range from bestselling authors, Ian Stewart and Simon Singh, to Fields medalists such as Michael Atiyah, Wendelin Werner and Alain Connes. If you're curious, you can look at our upcoming and past events.

Bringing the social

A major part of our society is to provide social events and gatherings for maths students. We run plenty of events for fellow mathmos to get together and mingle; like the Fresher's Squash right at the start of October, which is likely to be the first mathmo event you go to. Further in, we have our Problems Drive and then in May Week, our annual Garden Party.

In between these, there will be punting trips, Board Games and Pizza Nights, Comedy Events and Movie Nights; and naturally, lots of drinks, cake, pizza and mingling.

Eureka and QARCH

Each year (or so), we produce a journal, Eureka, which contains brief articles of interest to undergraduate mathematicians, as well as book reviews and problems taken from our annual Problems Drive. Each member receives three copies of Eureka free of charge. We also have a smaller publication, QARCH, containing problems from the casual brain-teaser to unsolved questions in mathematics. QARCH is published electronically via our website.


We provide key resources to undergraduates in mathematics: our Alternative Guide contains invaluable advice for freshers before they get to Cambridge.


Lifetime membership costs £10, and an annual membership costs £5. Membership entitles you to

To join us, simply come to any of our events and sign up with one of the committee members. If you do not want to join yet, but are interested in the society, you can sign up to our mailing list.