Contributing to Eureka

About Eureka

Eureka is a journal published annually by The Archimedeans, the mathematical society of Cambridge University. It includes mathematical articles on a variety of different topics - written by students and mathematicians from all over the world - as well as a short summary of the activities of the society, problems and puzzles, artwork and book reviews.

Eureka has been published 65 times since 1939, and authors include luminaries such as Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac, Fields Medallist Timothy Gowers, as well as Paul Erdos, Godfrey Hardy, John Conway, Martin Gardner, Roger Penrose, Ian Stewart, Stephen Hawking and many more.

Writing for Eureka

Eureka is not a research journal! Thus we prefer publishing articles in a narrative, entertaining style, rather than in a textbook-like "theorem-proof" structure. On the other hand, Eureka is written for mathematicians, so articles should be as precise and rigorous as possible. If possible, the content should be accessible to undergraduate students.

A good article could include the historical background, examples, applications and connections between different branches of mathematics or other disciplines. Avoid computations and instead include examples. The title should be short and descriptive, but could be funny. We ask authors to include a list of references or suggested further reading at the end of their article. Articles can be as short as one page, but we rarely publish articles longer than five pages of A4.

Style and Format

Submissions should have title and name and contact details of the author on the first page. All diagrams and illustrations should be numbered and include a short caption, but usually we only number those equations referred to in the text.

The article should be divided into a few logically connected subsections each with an interesting title. Please try to avoid sub-subsections and footnotes.

Once submitted, the editorial team will make suggestions on style, as well as check for mathematical accuracy. Be sure to read your own work carefully, in particular to avoid spelling mistakes.

Pictures and Diagrams

We encourage all authors to include many images and diagrams in their article, both to help the reader understand the mathematics and to make the pages look more attractive.

You can embed pictures in the text file for initial submission, but we require separate files of all illustrations for the final version. Please be aware that we may need to change the size and position of illustrations.

Illustrations can be in full colour and should either be vector graphics or have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

If you want to include illustrations, it is your responsibility to ensure that we have permission to publish them. If required, we can email you our standard Copyright Request Form.

Submitting Articles

Please submit articles in electronic form: you can email them to the editor or send a CD to the address below. If your article includes many equations, we recommend to use LaTeX. However if you feel more comfortable with Word or other text-processing applications, you can submit articles in these formats as well.

Contact Details

The postal address of The Archimedeans is:

The Archimedeans
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
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United Kingdom

Our email addresses are: