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About Eureka

Eureka is a journal published annually by the Archimedeans, the Mathematical Society of the University of Cambridge. It includes a variety of mathematical articles on many different topics, written by students and mathematicians from all over the world, as well as a short summary of the activities of the society, problem sets, puzzles, artwork and book reviews.

I think Eureka is a brilliant magazine. Many of its articles are classics. Ian Stewart, FRS

Eureka has been published 62 times since 1939, and authors include many famous mathematicians and scientists such as Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac, Fields Medallist Tim Gowers, as well as Paul Erdos, Martin Gardner, Godfrey Hardy, John Conway, Roger Penrose, Ian Stewart, and Stephen Hawking.

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The price of Eureka is £4 per issue. Back issues are cheaper and can be ordered separately. There are two ways to subscribe to Eureka:

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