The Cambridge University Mathematical Society

Upcoming Events — Michaelmas 2018

Unless otherwise stated, the talks are held at 7pm in MR2 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (the CMS), Wilberforce Road.

16th November 2018 — Thomas Sotiriou (University of Nottingham)

Challenging Einstein's Theory

General Relativity is a very elegant theory that changed the way we think about gravitation and appears to be in perfect agreement with observations. For a period of almost 200 years, one could make the exact same statement about Newton's theory of gravity, and yet it came to be replaced by General Relativity. I will review how that happened and explain why one expects that General Relativity will have the same fate. I will then discuss current efforts to test General Relativity's predictions against observations.

23rd November 2018 — Dr Christopher Hughes (University of York)

The story of a theorem

Just how do mathematicians create new mathematics? In this talk I will discuss the work of my recent MSc student, Chris Smith, and tell the story of how he proved his result, as well as show the result itself (which yields a new world record in the bound on the point where pi(x), the number of primes less than x, first exceeds li(x), the logarithmic integral). For undergraduates it can sometimes be hard to know about all the false starts, the serendipitous accidents, and the shear hard slog that goes into finding and publishing a new theorem, as in a lecture the result is often presented fait accompli. But in this talk we’ll spend time looking at the events that led to the result, from inception to completion.

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