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Unless otherwise stated, the talks are held at 7pm in MR2 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (the CMS), Wilberforce Road.

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Lent 2017

28th JanuaryBezout's theorem as a pathway to algebraic geometry, Dr. Julian Holstein (Lancaster)

In how many points do two curves in the plane intersect? This question has a very nice answer that is unfortunately not entirely true. But sometimes in mathematics the answer to a question is so good that it is worth keeping, even if it is not correct. The new challenge is then to ask the question in a better way.

To find the right question in this case we will take a brief tour of algebraic geometry, meeting both classical and modern ideals. If time permits we will even catch a brief glimpse of the cutting edge of theory in algebraic geometry.
24th January
Board Games and Pizza Night

Traditionally well attended and popular with members, this event is a great way to relax for a couple of hours and get some tasty pizza!
3rd FebruaryManifolds, Prof. Ciprian Manolescu (UCLA)

Manifolds (spaces that look locally like R^n), are the basic objects of study in topology. In this talk I will describe what is known about their classification. I will mention the different versions of Poincare conjecture, and also strange phenomena that appear in high dimensions: exotic smooth structures on the same manifold, and manifolds that cannot be triangulated.
7th February
NCR, Pembroke College
Movie night

The film will probably have some (possibly tenuous) link to maths...
3rd MarchTo shake or to stir: The Mathematics of Mixing, Prof. Colm-cille P. Caulfield (DAMTP)

Understanding the mixing of fluids of different properties is a fundamentally important challenge with applications from making of the perfect cocktail to describing the transport of heat and pollutants in the atmosphere and oceans. The underlying mathematics has a beauty all its own, due not least to a subtle and non-intuitive interplay and between a wide range of physical processes and the inherently nonlinear dynamics of fluid motion. In this talk, I both review some of the key successes in the mathematical description of mixing, and also introduce some facinating open questions.

Jane Street Cantab Capital Metaswitch