The Archimedeans - Cambridge University Mathematical Society

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved in helping run the Society, you are very welcome; there is never a shortage of things to do, and we can always use a helping hand: just get in touch! Even if you're not sure what you should do, or whether you have time to do it, it doesn't hurt to chat and see what we can offer you.

If you're interested in a leadership role, the Committee is voted in at the Annual General Meeting; remaining roles are filled in as people put themselves forward (including any positions on the Committee which were not filled at the AGM). The AGM is held in Lent Term, according to the Constitution, and will be publicised on the mailing list and events calendar well in advance.

There are various benefits to joining the team: you can meet new people, whether the other committee members or the people who attend talks, you can gain useful experience of roles of responsibility, or you can learn new skills as necessary to perform your job. Plus, not all duties are unpleasant! You will get to spend time and often dinner with our speakers, many of which are distinguished and excellent company. And, of course, you'll have a chance to shape the future of the Archimedeans and make sure your favourite events are continued.

Here's a list of the responsibilities associated with each official role in the society:

Executive Committee

All Positions
- help out at some events;
- attend meetings and discuss issues arising.
- has overall responsibility for the Society;
- represents the Society;
- coordinates the Committee, ensuring all necessary tasks are completed;
- writes an article for Eureka on the activities of the society in the past year;
- ensures the execution of the duties of any vacant Committee post until it is filled.
- organises committee meetings;
- supports the President in his duties;
- executes the duties of the post of President should it fall vacant, until it is filled.
Corporate Officer
- negotiates with potential sponsors;
- communicates with existing sponsors;
- ensures that agreements between the Society and the sponsors are kept;
- purchases merchandise and equipment for the society (e.g. hoodies, pens, notepads).
- invites speakers for talks;
- is responsible for the booking of overnight rooms for speakers when necessary;
- keeps membership lists up-to-date;
- makes and distributes membership cards.
Junior Treasurer
- is responsible for all financial affairs of the Society;
- answers to the Senior Treasurer for the financial affairs of the Society;
- keeps true and accurate accounts of the Society.
Events Manager
- is responsible for the running of the Society's events;
- books rooms for events;
- coordinates committee at each event.
Publicity Officer
- is responsible for the publicity of all Society events;
- sends emails to the mailing list, informing members of upcoming events;
- designs, prints and distributes acetates to advertise events in first and second year lectures;
- designs, prints and distributes posters to advertise events in the CMS;
- is responsible for the printing and distribution of the 'Alternative Guide' to all colleges.
- keeps the website up-to-date;
- makes any necessary changes to the website;
- is secretly the coolest committee position.


Subscriptions Manager
- maintains Subscribers lists;
- distributes copies of Eureka to Subscribers;
- organises distribution of Eureka to Members of the Society.
Eureka Chief Editor
- has overall responsibility for editing and printing of Eureka;
- writes the editorial for Eureka;
- asks well-known mathematicians and popular science authors for articles.
Eureka Editors
- collect, edit, and illustrate articles;
- advertise 'Write for Eureka!' to students.
QARCH Editor
- collects questions and publishes QARCH.
Jane Street Cantab Capital Metaswitch