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QARCH is a publication of problems, of varying difficulty (from answer easy, to answer hard, to answer unknown!).

The latest version is available here.


Please send in your submissions (full or partial solutions, new problems, comments or queries) to or to the Archimedeans' pigeonhole at the CMS. Items sent by post should be addressed as follows:

Editor of QARCH
The Archimedeans
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Wilberforce Road

There is very little restriction on the type of question suitable for publication and discussion in these pages, except that the statement and (if known) the solution be relatively concise. Problems may be submitted with or without known solutions.

If you wish to discuss a problem in more detail, or to write something unrelated but of a mathematical nature, don't forget the Archimedeans' other journal, Eureka, which welcomes articles on all aspects of mathematics as well as mathematical fiction, poetry, artwork, etc. Contact the editor, either by email at or by post to the address above, for more details.

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