Standing Orders of the Archimedeans

Adopted at a Committee Meeting on 4th March 1984.
Amended at Committee Meetings on 20th May 1984, 20th October 1987, 2nd March 1988, and 8th March 1989 and at Plenum Meetings on 22nd April 1987, 14th October 1988, 16th October 1989, 7th March 1990, 6th March 1991, 29th February 1992, 2nd May 1993, 17th October 1993, 21st November 1993, 2nd March 1994, 8th March 2000, 7th March 2001, 2nd March 2002 and 6th March 2002.

  1. x = 5.00.
  2. The Subgroups of the Society are:
    1. Puzzles and Games Ring;
    2. Music Appreciation Subgroup;
    3. Barber-Shop Subgroup;
    4. Play Reading Ideal.
  3. The Committee and Eureka editor shall try to ensure that 'Eureka' is published exactly once per academic year.
  4. The Archimedeans' scarf shall be between three and four cubits in length, and constructed of lengthwise strips of colours and approximate widths in the following order:
          Dark green  2     inches;
          Orange,       1/2 inch;
          Purple,       3/4 inch;
          Orange,       1/2 inch;
          Dark blue,  2+1/4 inches;
          Orange,       1/2 inch;
          Purple,       3/4 inch;
          Orange,       1/2 inch;
          Dark green, 2     inches.
    The Publicity and Entertainments Manager shall be responsible for its vileness.
  5. The symbol of the Archimedeans shall be a projection onto Euclidean 2 - space of a sphere inscribed in a right circular cylinder of the same height as the sphere's diameter.
  6. The transitive verb to clutt shall mean to render incomprehensible.
  7. There exists the transitive verb "to zog".
  8. The intransitive verb "to streat" shall mean to talk through one's hat.
  9. The intransitive verb "to Alan Bain" shall mean to endlessly postpone publication of Eureka.
  10. Invitations to guest speakers in the name of the Society, or any Subgroup thereof, shall have been authorised by the Secretary.
    1. The Society shall have the following Agents, each of whom shall be appointed by the Committee:
      1. Chartered Accountant, who shall advise the Junior Treasurer and need not be qualified as a Chartered Accountant.
      2. Avuncle, who shall be a Member or Former Member who matriculated not less than three years prior to his appointment.
      3. Minorities Officer, who shall seek to represent the interests of minorities.
      4. Archivist, who shall be responsible, along with any assistants he/she may appoint, for the archives.
      5. Computer Officer, who shall maintain the website and other things as he/she sees fit.
      6. Eureka Assistant Editor, who shall endeavour to assist the editor in his duty to produce Eureka.
      7. Etiquette Consultant, who shall be a member or former member, and shall attempt to answer queries sent to the Archimedeans' Etiquette Hotline.
      8. Eureka Online Editor, who shall endeavour to make past issues of Eureka available on the World Wide Web under the supervision of the Committee.
    2. The President shall appoint the following:
      1. Patriarch or Matriarch, as appropriate, who shall have no grotty duties to perform but shall advise the President on all matters. The President shall listen to the Matriarch or Patriarch. The Patriarch or Matriarch shall not currently be an Officer, but shall have been an Officer.
    3. The Plenum shall appoint the following:
      1. a Procrastinator (or "Prat" for short) who shall hinder the activities of the Society as far as possible, and shall take upon himself or herself responsibilities which shall not be fulfilled;
      2. a Mascot who shall be responsible for providing free legal advice and warm tea.
      3. Druid, who shall be responsible for the moral and spiritual well-being of Members of the Society.
    4. The Society shall have a President of Vice, appointed by the Committee. He or she need not be a Member of the Society. He or she shall tend for the vices of Members of the Society.
  11. The transitive verb "to helena" shall mean to tamper with in such a way as to render completely nonn-funkshonal
  12. In the Constitution, the noun "Mathematician" with a capital M shall mean anyone who is or has completed taking the Mathematics Tripos. The noun "mathematician" with a small m shall mean anyone who is interested in mathematics.
    1. In any for/against/abstentions vote, all Voting Members present and not validly voting shall be deemed to have abstained.
    2. The notation a/b/c shall refer to a vote with a votes for, b votes against and c abstentions.
    3. A vote a/b/c is considered to have passed by a two-thirds majority if and only if a>=2b.
  13. It is not permitted for anyone not present at an Archimedeans Meeting to vote at that Meeting, except where they inform the Returning Officer in writing prior to the vote that some named individual present at the vote shall be their proxy. In the case of the election of Officers no proxy voting at all shall be permitted.
  14. We shall recognize the following College Societies:
    The Adams Society:
    St. John's
    New Pythagoreans:
    Christ's, Downing, Emmanuel, Girton, Gonville and Caius, Hughes Hall, Jesus, Sidney Sussex, Trinity Hall, APU
    The Quintics:
    Corpus Christi, Darwin, Newnham, Pembroke, Peterhouse, Queens', St. Catherine's, Selwyn, Wolfson
    The Tensors:
    Churchill, Clare, Clare Hall, Fitzwilliam, King's, Lucy Cavendish, Magdalene, New Hall, Robinson, St. Edmund's College
    The Trinity Mathematical Society:
  15. The President and Secretary shall inspect the accounts on a termly basis.