The Cambridge University Mathematical Society

Previous Committees and Officers


The lists here contain the available information about the identities of the past (and present) officers of the Archimedeans and related bodies.

Since the lists have been compiled from a large variety of sources, it is impossible to give them any “legal” significance. In particular one cannot infer from the presence of a particular person that that person actually performed the appropriate duties, or from succession whether the previously named holder fulfilled the term of office, resigned or was removed. In many cases several people shared duties, and are listed with the same date, whilst occasional resignations have occurred, in which case the replacement is listed, possibly in addition to the original holder.

These lists were originally created by Paul Taylor in 1985, and have been updated irregularly since then. The conventions used in the lists are not always uniform for the whole length of the lists (for example, the earlier parts use the title “Miss” where the later parts do not).

The lists use the standard abbreviations for the names of Colleges. In addition, “CCAT” is the Cambridge College of Arts and Technology (later Anglia Polytechnic University) and “BED” and “QMC” are Bedford College and Queen Mary College (University of London, from which students were evacuated to Cambridge during the Second World War).

Notes and sources

Some notes accompanying Paul Taylor’s original lists are available here.

The list of sources available in 1985 may not reflect the sources now available or their current locations. Currently available sources (some listed here only on the basis of catalogue entries) include:

The lists

The Archimedeans

The Trinity Mathematical Society

The Adams Society

The Quartic Society (Quartics) (1913–25)

The Quintic Society (Quintics)

The New Pythagoreans

The Tensors Mathematical Society (Tensors)