The Cambridge University Mathematical Society

Current committee (2017 - 2018)

President — Yanni DuPembroke

I’m a third year mathmo at Pembroke college and my interests lie in probability and statistics. When I’m not doing maths I enjoy running, climbing and playing with Doug the dog. Also puns! One of my favourite puns/ jokes is: "What do you call a male submerged swimmer who swims away exponentially?" "Diver-gent!"

Vice President — Yash PatelPembroke

too cool

External Secretary — Eve PoundMurray Edwards

Internal Secretary — Diogo FonsecaPembroke

easily triggered by differing opinions on memes or music

Treasurer — Joe NeedhamPembroke

I'm Joe, the Treasurer, and I'm a second year mathmo at Pembroke. Whem I'm not failing to complete an example sheet, I enjoy playing football, running, and looking at pictures of my dogs.

Publicity Officer — Zheneng XieMagdalene

Hi! I'm Zheneng, a third year mathmo with an interest in Analysis and Statistics. When not studying I enjoy mystery novels and jogging. I'll be popping up a lot in your inboxes so please read my emails, and I'll hopefully see you at one of our events!

Events Manager — Jin ChoiPembroke

naively pretentious

Events Manager — Yuen NgTrinity

Hi - I'm Yuen, a third year mathmo with a taste for creating and solving both puzzles and crossnumbers. Things that I like doing include: learning languages, seeing shows/concerts in Cambridge, catching up with friends, and occasionally playing piano.

Corporate Officer — Vanessa GuoQueens'

I am a third year Mathmo from Queens' college. My main interest lies in probability and statistics but I also quite enjoy Analysis and methods. Apart from having fun in contemplating Maths problems, I like traveling and in particular good food with good friends along the way!

Webmaster — Dexter ChuaRobinson

I'm a fourth year mathematician, mostly interested in category theory, geometry and type theory. I also have some side interests in physics and programming. I also enjoy hiking during my free time, but unfortunately Cambridge is too flat for that.

General Member — Marc IsernChrist's

General Member — Kevin LinKing's

Hi, I'm Kevin from King's. Yes, I know these information are already available the line above, but this is what happens when you are too lazy to write something and asks someone else to do it for you.

General Member — Valentin HübnerPembroke


General Member — Josh OsbornePembroke


General Member — Tim ColpusPembroke

General Member — Jeremy TaylorPembroke

things go over his head

General Member — Jonathan Lewis-BrownPembroke

Publications Subcommittee

Eureka Editor — Michael GraylingSidney Sussex

Eureka Assistant Editor — Oliver FengTrinity

Eureka Assistant Editor — Robert AllenHomerton

Eureka Assistant Editor — James HodgeKings

Past committees

We maintain an archive of past committees of the Archimedeans plus some other societies on a separate page.